Ben (BenKenobi)

Ben is the Editor-In-Chief for Loud Mouthed Gamers and has grown up with a wide interest in video games. Starting as an FPS gamer, Ben has gained a renewed interest in RPG's and greatly enjoying the rich story games of old and new. He is currently going through his backlog while adding many new games all the time.

Black Ops 4 Community Reveal Event At 10AM PDT

Activision is set to reveal some of the upcoming features for the next Call of Duty which is the continuation of the Black Ops Series. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is rumoured to be quite a change from past Call of Duty games with a supposed Battle Royal mode added, and no story this time around. Be sure to watch the livestream on Youtube below to see what new features are coming and what is next for...

Rage 2 Announcement Teaser

As previously leaked by Walmart Canada with an incorrect boxart and logo, to everyone’s surprise, Rage 2 is official! Ahead of E3 2018, Bethesda Softworks has released an announcement teaser trailer for Rage 2. The gameplay trailer and additional info. will be available on May 15th. 

The Swords of Ditto Animated Launch Trailer!

The day is finally here! Well, almost here. The Swords of Ditto will launch tomorrow, April 24th and to get players hyped, a new animated video is available from the team behind Netflix’s Castlevania series! Featuring an already vibrant, cute, yet violent art style, the video briefly highlights the story, the variation of characters and gameplay. As you may remember, we reported on the annou...

This War Of Mine Is Free On Steam Until April 8th!

In celebration of their upcoming, ambitious new game Frostpunk, 11 Bit Studios is offering This War of Mine until Sunday, April 8th! This War of Mine is one of those games you just have to experience. This War of Mine is a sidescrolling game game of sorts where you try to keep your family safe and alive. Meet other civilians trying to survive, looting buildings for food and weapons, making friends...

LMG Twitch Embed Info For Twitter

LMG Twitch Embed Info For Twitter

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The Swords of Ditto Announced For April 24th!

The Swords of Ditto is a unique rogue-like RPG in that the game takes place over several hundreds of years, and instead of the progression or story being tied to the character, it is unique to the legend of the sword. I remember following the development of The Swords of Ditto on Twitter from the developer, onebitbeyond as I was an avid fan of previous Curve Studio releases and they showed an evol...

H1Z1 Leaves Early Access Today With The Release of Unique Auto Royale Mode

Having been in Early Access for almost 2 years after being the first standalone Battle Royale game, today, Daybreak Games has finally released H1Z1 as a full game on Steam! In addition to revamped HUD, features and fixes, a new mode called Auto Royale has been released in beta form. “In 2016, we did something unheard of – we split a successful game into two products and introduced the world to the...

Surprise! Hunt: Showdown Enters Early Access On Steam

With the Closed Alpha coming to an end for Hunt: Showdown, Crytek surprises players with the release of the game on Steam Early Access! I have yet to try out this version of the game to see how it compares to the Closed Alpha and what new features are available, but at least now everyone can jump in and enjoy the game in its early stages. My experience playing the Closed Alpha was enjoyable, albei...

Fortnite Season 3 Begins Today

Fortnite is still considered an Early Access title with “Save The World” access only available to those who purchase a Founder’s pack. However, Fortnite is now on its third Season, and with the introduction of the new Battle Pass, players can expect a bunch of new content for both modes within the game, including new tier rewards, pickaxes and cosmetics. Also worth mentioning is ...

Entertainment Filled Prison In The Big Top Breakout DLC For Escapists 2 Out Today!

When looking at a circus, you see animals trapped in cages being used for entertainment and entertainers who just want to break out into the real world and entertain freely. It’s easy to feel trapped when you live and breath within the same tents, the same animals, the same acts….omg, the circus is just like a prison! Download the new DLC for The Escapists 2 – ‘The Big Top ...

My Time At Portia Winter Festival Content Update #1

My Time at Portia is currently in Early Access on Steam in an Alpha state, but I’ve been spending a lot of time running around the game and it is beautiful and fairly well polished. There is so much content and fun to be had in the world of Portia. However, last week Pathea and Team17 Ltd. teased about the latest update and guess what? Surprise! They have released a small chunk today from th...

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