E3 will officially begin today, Tuesday June 13, 2017, but the main attraction of the show is what happens before the exhibit floor opens. Over the weekend we saw the EA, Xbox, Bethesda, Devolver, Ubisoft and Playstation Press Conferences where they presented their shiny new offerings for the next fiscal year.

Below is a full recap of the reveals and announcements.

EA Press Conference

On stage for EA we saw Battlefront II with single player finally making a return to the franchise. The usual sports titles were shown including NHL, NBA, and surprisingly Madden revealing a cinematic story mode. Anthem from Bioware was teased with a full reveal at the Xbox conference. A way out was shown which intrigued my co-op needs especially for a Prison Break-esque game. Need For Speed is following with the success of Fast and The furious and becoming heavily action oriented. And Battlefield 1 fans saw a new expansion.

Xbox Press Conference

Xbox finally revealed the name of their new console as well as the Windows 10 integration. The Xbox One X will be released November 7th for $499. They also talked about 42 games! 22 of them being exclusives. Whether those are truly exclusive or timed, it’s hard to say at this point. They talked about backwards compatibility for all Xbox games. Yes even back to the original Xbox and the ability to use the original discs natively. Many of the favourite Xbox One games are getting a 4K update. We saw a new Forza along with an unveiling of a new Porsche. A big surprise was a new Metro game called Metro Exodus. Assassin’s Creed:Origins, amongst all its leaks was officially revealed ahead of Ubisoft’s conference. Deep Rock Galactic. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is making its way to consoles. State of Decay 2. Mine craft with its 4K update and cross platform play. Dragon Ball Z. The Darwin Project. Black Desert, an MMORPG is coming to the console. The Last Night. The Artful Escape. Code Vein. Tacoma. Cup head finally has a release. A bunch of indie games from ID @ Xbox. Ashen. Life is Strange prequel. Super Lucky’s Tale. The greatly anticipated Sea of Thieves from Rare. Crackdown 3 finally with Terry Crews. Shadow of War. Ori And The Will of Wisps. Finally Anthem.

Bethesda Press Conference

Bethesda revealed the Fallout 4 and Doom VR titles which are sure to make people sick. Fallout and other Bethesda games will be getting a “Creation Club” mod store where you can purchase premium mods to hopefully enhance the games you love. Skyrim was shown for the Nintendo Switch including Link gear to make your character look like Link from Zelda. Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider is a new standalone game featuring content from the stellar DLC story. The Evil Within is getting a sequel. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was shown and looking stunning. And finally The Elder Scrolls Legends will be expanding to the world of Skyrim with an expansion pack.

Ubisoft Press Conference

Previously, Ubisoft have presented with a hilariously mature conference, but this year was a little more professional. Opening for them was Mario…yes Mario crossing over to the Rabbits world in Mario + Rabbits: Kingdom Battles. The racing MMO The Crew is getting a sequel. A creepy VR game with a trailer starring Elijah Wood called Transference was teased. A standalone on the popular and well developed Pirate combat from Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag is seeing a release in Skull and Bones. The delayed South Park and the Fractured But Whole was shown again, as well as a South Park mobile game called Phone Destroyer which looked pretty fun. The annual Just Dance game was shown with a display of dancers and singers on stage as well as an Olympic expansion for Steep. The Nintendo Switch saw another interesting title called Starlink: Battle of Atlas where you buy toy ships that you attach to a Switch controller and can modify your ship on the fly with toy attachments such as new wings or guns. Farcry 5 gameplay was shown and it looked beautiful. And the biggest surprise of E3 was the return of Beyond Good and Evil with a prequel!

Playstation Press Conference

From Sony, we seen more Uncharted with Uncharted: Lost Legacy starring a female cast. The beautiful Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a snowy expansion. Hidden Agenda, a mobile game you play with friends in which you decide together how the story progresses. Days Gone got an extended reveal. Destiny 2 was shown with another cinematic trailer including release dates for the beta and full game release on consoles and even PC. Monster Hunter World was shown which will launch on both PS4 and Xbox One, with the addition of PC. Surprisingly Shadow of The Colossus is getting a full remake. Let’s see how long this takes to get released. Call of Duty World War II multiplayer was shown, but it looked more like single player to me which leads me to believe it will be large scale battles similar to Battlefield 1. Of course, VR was highlighted with a slew of PSVR games. God of War was shown once again with a new cinematic trailer which always blows me away. David Cage is back at it which his amazing tech heavy games with Detroit. Spiderman was shown with a surprisingly polished game similar to Batman games.

Nintendo Press Conference

Will update when it goes live at 9am PST/12pm EST.

Ben is the Editor-In-Chief for Loud Mouthed Gamers and has grown up with a wide interest in video games. Starting as an FPS gamer, Ben has gained a renewed interest in RPG's and greatly enjoying the rich story games of old and new. He is currently going through his backlog while adding many new games all the time.

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