Warframe’s Biggest DLC To Date, Fortuna, Is Now Available On PC!

With a rough release window after the reveal trailer at TennoCon, fans were eager for the launch of Fortuna in mid November. It was to be an ambitious update, but early in the week of November 4th, Digital Extremes, the Independent Canadian Developer of Warframe announced the release of Fortuna later that same week! During the evening of November 8th, the infamous Steve, the Game Director who is well known for his community involvement and development livestreams on Twitch happened to go live once again with the goal of hitting the button to deploy the release of the game to everyone! It was perfect timing for me as it was just as I was getting home from work, and like the 50,000 viewers watching Steve, I immediately booted up the Warframe client waiting for the update to download as fast as possible.

Let me just say how impressed I am by Digital Extremes’ community involvement. How many developers do you know that will go on Twitch and quickly gain 50,000 viewers and be surprised by the release of the hotly anticipated new DLC for their favourite game? Very few I imagine.

After reviewing the opening sequence that we saw at TennoCon 2018, my Tenno and chosen Warframe fell from above and I immediately was giddy with excitement as I was actually walking around Fortuna for the first time! The ambiance is lively with the chatter among citizens around the city and the humming of workers to the tune of ‘We All Lift Together”. Players are quickly asked to follow an opening questline that sends them out into Orb Vallis, the name for the open world. After that, you acquire the new K-Drive to quickly whip around Vallis and do sweet tricks while obtaining orbs. You can even race around on a track!

Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes’ next big Warframe®  expansion, Fortuna, is available now on Steam PC. The new open-world landscape provides players of all experience levels the chance to access new gameplay content on Venus — from cruising on the Bondi K-Drive hoverboard to new cave exploration, animal conservation, mining, robot fishing, and intense battles against robot spiders, the nefarious Nef Anyo, and the greedy Corpus faction — all for free.

Additionally, Digital Extremes is running a Fortuna Twitch Drop launch campaign for one week starting on launch day (From Fortuna’s launch until 2 pm PST, Thursday, November 15) to give away an abundance of cool rewards! Anyone watching a Warframe Fortuna stream for a minimum of one hour, every hour, will have the chance to get a random reward, including Warframes Nidus and Khora, a Rifle Riven, celebratory fireworks and more!

On Fortuna, players will make friends with the Solaris United Faction underground in the hub city of Fortuna and explore the massive new Landscape of The Orb Vallis on the planet surface. They can dive into the faction’s stories, learn about the plight of The Business, Eudico, Rude Zuud, the Ventkids, and others, to help them rebel against their oppressors. Once equipped with missions, Tenno will find travel is much faster and more fun on Venus! By using either the trusty Archwing or the K-Drive hoverboard they can blast across the wide open Venusian landscape to pull off grabs, spins, rails and to explore the giant environment. While surveying the new terrain, the Corpus occupiers, led by the profit-obsessed Nef Anyo, bring new technology, weapons, systems, and warriors to bear. Tenno should keep an eye out for giant robo-spiders, new enemy soldiers and more. The new Danger Rating system will keep all players on their toes.

Activities on Orb Vallis abound! Follow the story of the bloody, powerful Garuda Warframe. This new Warframe offers a deadly combination of health-based Abilities to wreak havoc on any enemy. All across the environment, Tenno will find strange, wonderful animals of the Vallis going extinct due to Corpus cruelty — it’s up to Tenno to use their new skills to lure, track, and capture them for relocation. As players explore the vast new landscape in search of resources (caves, bases, and more), they’ll also make use of new mechanics to extract a variety of different ore to upgrade gear, and they’ll find that fishing makes its mighty return with a metallic twist.

Come visit us on Venus!

Fortuna will arrive on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One soon.

Ben is the Editor-In-Chief for Loud Mouthed Gamers and has grown up with a wide interest in video games. Starting as an FPS gamer, Ben has gained a renewed interest in RPG's and greatly enjoying the rich story games of old and new. He is currently going through his backlog while adding many new games all the time.

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